Vulcane Brazing Torch

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PVT474: Vulcane Brazing Torch – Suitable Heat for 14mm piping.

PTV472: Vulcane Brazing Torch – Suitable Heat for 22mm piping

PVT478: Vulcane Brazing Torch – Suitable Heat for 28mm piping.

PTV4714: 14mm Burner tube – Suitable for 5/8″Copper Tube   

PTV4722: 22mm Burner tube – Suitable for 7/8″ Copper Tube            

PTV4728: 28mm Burner tube – Suitable for 1 1/8″ Copper Tube

PVT47014: 14mm Gas Nozzle

PVT47022: 22mm Gas Nozzle 

PVT47028: 28mm Gas Nozzle

PVT4701: Replacement Piezo & Trigger for Vulcane Pro Torch

mapp-gas stop-flam torch-set  
MAPPG: Large cannister MAPP gas

PVT5450: Premium Stop Flame 200mm x 250mm superb anti flame properties that will not ignite or conduct heat.

PVT5451: Protect Flame 210mm x 297 anti flame pad the will not ignite,

PVT 471X: Pro Torch Set – in case

PVT 471C: Pro Torch Set – in case with MAPP gas

PVT 471XP: Pro Torch Set – in case + Flam Blanket

PVT 471XPC: Pro Torch Set  + 3 nozzles + 2 Mapp gas cylinders in case.



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