Tank Pump Accessories

ACFTC: Anti Clog Tablets for Drain Pan 4kw to 17kw

ACATC: Anti Clog Tablets for Drain Pan 4kw to 52kw
FR410B: 150MM – 250MM Flex Duct Strap

FR1218B: 300MM – 450MM Flex Duct Strap

FP1282: Peristaltic Spare Tube Kit

FP2418P: Anti bacterial tablet
(10 per pack) 18mm

FP2457: Silicone Grease 100gm

FP2460: Drain Kleen One Shot 250ml


FP2622: (1/4″) Straight Connector
FP2624 (3/8″) Straight Connector Bag of 5

FP2626: Drain tray connector 16mm with 18,16 &14mm Pipe fitting
Bag of 5

Non return valves
FP2628: (1/4”)
FP2630: (3/8”)
Bag of 5

FP2632: Reducing Connector 3/8″ – 1/4″

FP2811: Pump test bottle
500ml capacity

SA2459: Mini Pump Float
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